Month: February 2015

Society ~vs~ Self-Respect

Did you know that statistics read there are 5% of leaders in every high school and the other 95% of students are followers who are over-friendly, co-dependent and are bad listeners to good advice.  These same people major in being disrespectful and minor in self-respect due to lack of home training and faulty thinking.

If you will disrespect your mother you will disrespect anyone. Whenever these students are in public, teachers and the police can see you coming a mile away. Practicing self-respect should be a priority at home and carry over into social relationships amongst peers.


This world has enough crime and fools who destroy society based on bad home training and negative influences from the environment. Let’s reduce unhealthy social interaction by making a difference through the art of self-respect. The respect you give yourself will be given back to you by others through honor and admiration. And the respect you show others will grow into an arm of gratitude and an act of kindness expressed back to you as your reward of respect towards humanity.

 Family Phot Respect

Self-Respect takes time and is not learned over night.  But always remember that you give others the advantage to share a quality life with you whenever you make them feel respected.

Self-Respect is the ability to implement boundaries and discipline in your life that help you tell others how much you respect yourself. But respect for others is an example of how much you care about other people.

Whatever you didn’t learn or gain during elementary and high school, you will need as an adult. Our children must take advantage of the support beams they have growing up. Those same people who impact your life may not be present when you become an adult.

Parents, teachers and neighbors along with a community of others have your best interest at hand growing up. Within this community are opportunities to learn self-respect and respect for others.

Quote: The lessons unlearned as a child will become problems returned as an adult.

In other words, whatever you were supposed to learn as a child you may need as an adult. Those are times we make bad decisions and are confused or indecisive about how to treat yourself and other people.


We have to learn these things early on in life so that we live productive lives as adults being kind to our family and community.

Self-Respect & respect for others has a unique way of connecting us to love and unity we all need every day in our lives. God bless! 

Love and Care

This source of information is from the book titled “(The Blueprint for Survival As A Single Parent)”.

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