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Anthony Morris, M.A. is the founder and president of Youth Development Centers of America (YDCA) a non-profit organization that provides area youth with safe, structured, and supervised activities that will allow for healthy emotional and cognitive development regardless of race, class, or creed.  With one main goal to help individuals reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible individuals in the world.  Anthony, is also the author of the single parenting how-to book titled, “The Blueprint for Survival as a Single Parent”. Anthony is also a professional clinician in the Chicago land area.



  1. Thank you for your visit to my website! I wonder…do you incorporate any kind of family/Godly based values in your teaching or writing?



    1. Sorry for the late response but thanks for your feedback! Please go to my website at (www.chicagoydca.org) my book is there titled The Blueprint for Survival as a Single Parent. I also conduct free prayer calls every 2nd Thursday out of the month. Feel free to contact me for more information at tomorris01@gmail.com.

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